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The air duct is a metal vent that runs from your HVAC unit to the different sections of your home. It provides air to your home and distributes heated or cooled air throughout the house while also filtering out dust particles and other allergens from the air before it circulates through your home. These air ducts become very clogged with, hair, dirt, dust, dead skin cells, pet hair, dust mites, etc because the system has vents that suck in air, and yes there is a filter but not everything gets filtered correctly.

If you see a lot of dust piling up in your home just a few days or a few weeks after cleaning then it is probably time to get your air ducts cleaned. If you don’t, you might find yourself breathing in dust or even with a mold problem. Give us a call and we will take care of your air duct at your convenience.

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A-1 Air Vents and Carpet Cleaning provides the residents of New Jersey with top-notch and transparent air duct cleaning services with a full step-by-step explanation of the process. We also can include photos of the job before and after the work is done if requested. You can find our outstanding reviews on Google and Facebook along with photos and videos of the work we do. We don’t only provide air duct cleaning in New Jersey but we offer a full host of services such as: Dryer Vent Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning & Gutter cleaning. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You should get your air ducts cleaned if you can regularly smell stale tobacco vapor, cooking odors, pets, and musty odors. If airflow is noticeably decreased or reduced due to the obstruction of air vents and it doesn’t dissipate after a 15-minute period following a system rest, inefficient filter conditions are probable and require further maintenance.

Air duct cleaning is needed to clear out buildup from the inside of these tubes. Ducts can become blocked due to dust, debris, and dead insects that people are unaware of up until the point where they have created a noticeable a noticeable effect on heating bills. When not cleaned regularly, this means that even though your heater might be running continuously it wouldn’t reach an adequate level for optimal performance. Air also becomes humid and fills with dust mites which causes further problems including aggravating allergies, asthma, or other respiratory infections as well as triggering colds or sinusitis in some people. So, besides just staying comfy, regular air duct cleaning is crucial for reasons like finding relief from allergies.





Some molds require sufficient moisture and oxygen to survive. Ventilation systems are designed to remove moisture from the air, so it is difficult for mold to grow in a ventilation system.

You want to get your vents and canals cleaned out regularly, but there are no agreed-upon standards for how often this should happen. Here’s what you can do: look into getting a duct cleaning done every 1-5 years or as needed. A good rule of thumb is to contact us so we can take a look if you have any questions.

Duct cleaning will definitely make your system more efficient, especially if it is extremely dirty.

The best way to prevent duct contamination is to clean the air inlets early and often. Keep them free of dust, hair and other dirt by cleaning with a vacuum cleaner (using the crevice tool) or a wide dry brush attachment.

Although it may not be necessary in most cases, it may be if the new house is unmaintained for some time. The house may be new, but the air in it is not. The indoor air has been building up inside the home and needs to be cleaned just like your skin does when you sweat or get dirty.

If the air vents in question are part of an HVAC system, and even if they’re not, many professional cleaning services will charge around $75 or more for a thorough evaluation and cleaning. It really depends on the building in question, so call today for an estimate! 

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