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Carpets feel great and look good when they are clean. But even if your carpet looks clean it is probably holding allergens, dust, pet fur and or dirt. If you let the dirt build up, your carpet will begin to discolor and smell. If your carpets are stained or smelly then it’s time to get a nice deep cleaning.

Why Consider A-1 For Your Carpet Cleaning?

A-1 Air Vents and Carpet Cleaning provides the residents of New Jersey with truly great carpet cleaning services with results that will leave you asking to do the whole home. You can find our outstanding reviews on Google and Facebook along with our photos and videos. We don’t only provide air duct cleaning in New Jersey but we offer a full host of services such as; Dryer vent cleaning, air duct cleaning, and gutter cleaning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It usually takes around 16-36 hours for most carpets and fabric upholstery to fully dry and return close to their original condition.

It depends on how you want your carpet cleaned and if the area under your furniture is clean. Talk to our team so we can assist you with getting your carpet cleaned the way you want it. 

Avoid heavy foot traffic for at least 6 hours. Keep kids and especially pets off the carpet.  

We recommend getting carpets cleaned by a professional every 12-18 months. This will remove most of the dirt and grime that has accumulated over time. One time, or even two times per year can be a good idea as well if pets or children run around bare foot on the carpet. Carpets also need to be cleaned after having an accident in order to prevent stains from becoming permanent. If you live in a house with pets it is important to get your carpets clean at least twice per year.

This can happen for a few reasons.

You could be using the wrong cleaning methods. Vacuuming does not remove dirt from deep within the carpet and an upright vacuum is not designed to take up debris like hardwood, tile, or laminate floorings. You cannot use an upright vacuum on carpets at all! With that being said, we generally recommend that homeowners use some type of vacuum cleaner in conjunction with a carpet-specific cleaning machine (either a surge or extractor) as part of their regular routine maintenance.

Understandably, this may sound excessive but it’s worth doing because it helps to prevent dirt from accumulating and becoming embedded over time.

Vacuum before carpet cleaning to remove large particles of soil and dirt. Vacuum again after your carpet has been cleaned and dried to pick up particles that stick to the carpet during drying.

Having one of us do it! When in doubt, leave it to the professionals. There is a point where if you have too many stains and the job is too big, the professionals can get it done better and faster. We can also give you a course of action to keep your carpets clean. 

Most of the pros use hot water extraction (steam cleaning) as well as low moisture dry cleaning. 

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