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The dryer vent is where dust from your clothing exits the dryer. This becomes very clogged with, hair, dust, and whatever else might be on your clothes. If you do not clean your dryer vent once a year you can start to notice a burning smell from your clothes dryer or even worse, the dryer will break because of the low air flow. If you smell burning or your dryer is starting to not function right, give us a call so we can clean your dryer vent and prevent your dryer from breaking.

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A-1 Air Vents and Carpet Cleaning provides the residents of New Jersey with top-notch and clear cut dryer vent cleaning services with a full step-by-step explanation of the process along with before and after photos of the work if you request it. You can find our outstanding reviews on Google and Facebook along with our photos and videos of the work we do. We don’t only provide air duct cleaning but we offer a full host of services such as; Dryer Vent Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, and Gutter Cleaning all in New Jersey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your dryer vent goes inside your home instead of outside, it’s best to clean it every two years. But if it’s connected to an attic or garage with little airflow, you might want to have it checked once a year.

You might notice a strong smell of clothes coming from the dryer when you open it or sometimes see little balls of lint in the back. These are signs that your dryer vent is clogged and needs to be cleaned.

Your dryer’s vent hose should be replaced at least once a year or anytime it becomes severely clogged.

Clothes will dry faster. The building up of lint inside the exhaust vent and ducts will be reduced. The clothes won’t have static cling after drying which also means no need for fabric softener.

Dryer vent cleaning refers to the process of removing lint (cat hair, pieces of fabric) and other debris from your dryer’s exhaust vent. This can include using a vacuum hose attachment or compressed air. Lint build-up can cause any number of dryer malfunctions, including circuit breaker trips, blown internal fuses, overheating and excessive drying time – not to mention the fire risks associated with lint buildup.

There are a number of reasons why lint is in your lint trap. One of the most common causes for clogging is when fabrics rub together and break fibers, which can then get aerosolized into the air as dust particles that collect on surfaces.

Lint accumulates inside the dryer drum and cabinet. Be sure to clean it our, or have us handle it!

To clean the dryer vent of lint, one can use a vacuum cleaner, a brush, and/or an air compressor.

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